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Viola eventually makes it back to the Saints HQ, who informs them that she almost suffered the same fate as Shaundi but was assisted in escaping by one of the founders, Sentient Jack, who they believe could be a valuable asset to help be on their team. Girl orgasms instantly. Add user to Ignore List after reporting. My friendsmy familyit's like my purpose in life was to suffer thanks to assholes.

I find it amusing that the romance scenes with my favorite female from the setting in both Mass Effect 2 and Saints Row 4 involve the female pouncing my character. Retrieved from " http: On The ShipShaundi loses her blazer, skirt, and tights, and, like the other Saints, wears a skin-tight blue Zin spacesuit.

Report this comment for review: The 2 Shaundis start to get along with each other and then get into a race before finally getting into a short duel before finally going after Veteran Child. Saints row 4 shaundi naked. The boss eased forward a bit more until he was only a few inches in.

Shaundi in Saints Row IV. Create a new playlist: Shaundi's hair is now brunette coloured and is made into a ponytail that branches off into multiple flocks, while a side fringe of hair waves freely in front of her face.

She opened her underwear drawer and grabbed a clean pair of panties before kicking her old pair to the side with her foot.

The sound of a man puking in a potted plant behind her caught her attention and she rolled her eyes before walking into her room. Neither had ever experienced something like that before. Shaundi has always show perky and flirtatious side to her and has no issue flaunting herself.

Shaundi had been forewarned by the elf Tinsel and was able to assemble an elite team of Johnny Gat, Kinzie, and The Protagonist who spent the first 20 minutes laughing in her face at the idea of an evil Santa. Shaundi in the mission " Three Kings " in Saints Row 2. Alona tal naked. Shaundi, dancing during the curtain call in Saints Row IV. Add 4 more videos to play. She was a big fan of Keith David and had a crush on him; she was also a fan of the film They Livewhich she mistook for a realistic film.

When he felt her quake he finally began a steady pace in and out. While in the White Crib serving as the Director of the Secret Service, Shaundi wears her brunette hair in a large bun with pearls on the back and braids wrapped at the base, and her side fringe of hair is still present.

Not wanting to torture Shaundi too much the boss rapidly fucked her with his tongue, his picking up the pace on her clit. Shaundi as Super Homie on the left with her younger self in the middle and her Future self on the right. Shaundi in Saints Row 2. Story Story Writer Forum Community.

He is soon cornered by the three and other of his victims at the edge of the tower. She also assists against the Brotherhoodmuch to the annoyance of Pierceas she keeps getting the tactician role ahead of him. She now had a robotic arm to enable her to work.

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Shaundi with an K6 Krukov in Saints Row 2. Naked photos of korean girls. She is occupied and comforted by the boss who tells her that it was not her fault as she did not realize the consequences, if she killed Jack the boss tells her not to worry about having to kill a member of the Sinister Three and it was his own fault that came to his death, if she let Jack live, he will tell her that she did the right thing not trusting a member of the Sinister even if they worked former and were telling the truth.

She lowered her head and opened her mouth. The fact that she couldn't move because the boss pinned her arms down made it ten times hotter. Games Movies TV Wikis. Occasionally, he would hear his name or a swear word or something along the lines of Oh my God.

A future version of Shaundi appeared from the future to warn the Saints about an evil warlord called Clawz who is threatening to destroy Christmas. Saints row 4 shaundi naked. In one alternative storyline, Shaundi would later adopt the superhero alter ego name Super Slutafter she was genetically altered and would go looking for answers to her new-found abilities, all while she tries to adapt to her new lifestyle and help fight the Sinister Mafia and the revived Morningstar. Characters in Saints Row IV.

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Terms of Use Violations: You are not allowed to request a sticky. Video is not porn Video is spam Inappropriate video rape, incest, animals, etc. Shaundi looks very similar to how she appears in Saints Row: In line with the expansion of the Saints' brand, she now has moved from drug trafficking to having her own TV dating show and a new look that is distinctly more professional than her previous bohemian style.

In her younger years, Shaundi was fairly laid back and normally casual on most things. Model nude selfie. Log In Sign Up. When left alone with Gat, Shaundi admits she felt responsible for his "death" by not going back for him and is terrified that she'll have to see him die again; he comforts her, telling her it wouldn't have been her fault.

She has many connections and friends within the drug business, and appeared to have extensive knowledge on many aspects of the Loa Dust drug, which leads The Protagonist to meeting her. Contents [ show ].

Nam et ipsa scientia potestas est. As of Saints Row: Fun Shaundi only leads them to some 'knock off' drugs and tells The Protagonist to go to the docks for one last attempt before going after Veteran Child.

Add user to Ignore List after reporting. Shaundi as a Super Homie on the right with her younger self on the left. This is especially apparent when Shaundi is speaking to Fun Shaundi at the end of " De Plane Boss ", where she stated that she "used to be useless", and also states that her most memorable moment was getting captured while being smoked up and "fucking half of Stilwater ".

She set her keys and drink on her bedside table before removing her thigh holster and gun. He had to grip the back of her head felt himself throb in her mouth. Uncensored nude songs. Don't have an account? Occasionally in her presence, The Protagonist would witness her doing drugs. Using his hand on her shoulder he pushed her back and felt himself peak.

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Future Shaundi has a lower back tattoo that is mostly hidden in her pants that looks similar to the tattoo Shaundi had in Saints Row 2 [26]and her Nautical Star [22] on her left hand. I haven't slept in days and need some rest," said Shaundi. Live nude girls watch online. She could feel him pulsate under her touch and wanted to satisfy him as he did to her.

Head concept art of Shaundi for Saints Row 2. Lesbian chat rooms chicago You need to let loose-let your hair down-literally. Shaundi's perky and flirty attitude was rarely seen outside her dating show which people attributed it mostly to Gat's death. She was a big fan of Keith David and had a crush on him; she was also a fan of the film They Livewhich she mistook for a realistic film. She jiggled the knob a few times until it clicked and turned open.

Making sure to stay close to her body he rammed her in hard, fast, short thrusts. A soft moan escaped her lips before her bedroom door flew open. Saints row 4 shaundi naked. As he neared he moaned in pleasure as he made her do earlier. Your report will help us to make SpankBang better. Nude couple sex on beach. The game just skips the bit where you go rescue most of your homies in the real world because that would get old real quick.

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