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It was first broadcast September 29,and repeated on April 27, When not needed on the set, he would practice fencing, frequently lunging at passing members of the film crew and sometimes pinking them. The ending is a non sequitur. Girl fucks vibrator. Star trek the naked time. Spock tours the ship, urging Scott to hurry in re-taking engineering, observing the madness of crewmen, and checking on McCoy's progress.

Though their mission is to observe and document the planet's breakup, they have also been tasked to locate a research team on the planet that had not been in communication with Starfleet for months. He's frozen there, like he didn't care. Early in the narrative, Sulu George Takei removes his shirt and prances around the Enterprise with a sword in hand—a display that will likely induce cringing from viewers of a serious inclination.

A cold-restart with a controlled matter-antimatter implosion in balanced engines is possible, but requires Spock's attention. Spock rushes over to the controls, once he realizes that Sulu is gone. Spock and Joey split up to explore the lab. Of course the sort of radiation that would do that would also, at the least, damage the skin of the people in the suits unless the suits blocked the rays New this week Continuity mistake: While having lunch, Tormolen begins to act irrationally, expressing hostility towards other crew members, and threatening Lieutenants Sulu and Riley with a knife before turning it on himself.

Strider Fri, Jun 1,8: Desilu Studios - W. Hot milf in car. Add time Movie Nut. And as for my anatomy being different from yours — I am delighted. Seriously, WHO designed these costumes? For me, "The Naked Time" is the best of the first four episodes to kick off Season 1. Off-topic messages belong in the About section. This sets time back to normal. I don't just mean the basic concept, I mean every little tiny plot detail.

The disease makes people lose their inhibitions, so many of the afflicted find themselves acting more amorous than usual. Riley starts going off his rocker, declaring his Irish heritage and singing drinking songs in this loud, annoying voice. But his intensity during the scene with Chapel and the one with Kirk, and his ability to overcome his own intoxiation in the face of Jim's pain, are both extremely powerful.

As the bridge crew monitors Psi on the view screen, a glitch in the special effects matte makes the planet vanish briefly and then reappear - twice. And Joey somehow manages to fall on his butter knife.

Sulu, now fantasizing himself a musketeer, stalks the corridors with a foil and frightens off two crewmen. The fact Spock conquers the virus by force of will not only tells us a lot about his character, including many new details about his shame over being half-human on his mother's side, but hangs the plot resolution on more than just a miraculous sickbay cure.

Get a Hold of Yourself, Man! Sulu and Riley try to restrain Joey, and they wind up on the floor. Spock beams down, finding the life support system of the researchers' observation post shut down and the team frozen to death in bizarre situations, such as fully clothed in a shower, seated at a control console as if nothing was wrong, as well as one woman who was strangled.

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After an awkward encounter with the infected Nurse Christine Chapel Majel BarrettSpock experiences an emotional breakdown that will undoubtedly surprise newcomers to the Star Trek franchise. Nude homemade sex. You can unsubscribe at any time. Star trek the naked time. I'd rate it 3. Getting Crap Past the Radar: This is suggested by a theory postulating a relationship between time and antimatter, but it has never before been attempted.

Entering in a jovial mood, Lieutenant Sulu tries to sell Lieutenant Kevin Riley on the virtues of fencing after previously trying to interest the Enterprise 's navigator on botany. Star Trek Episode 5: There is no ice-planet's reason in hell that the Enterprise needs to "spiral down" as the doomed planet shrinks. Early stages of the planet's destruction begin.

The Feature Films Star Trek: And Sulu seems to be enamored with the rapier, a thin sword. Analysis After an awkward encounter with the infected Nurse Christine Chapel Majel BarrettSpock experiences an emotional breakdown that will undoubtedly surprise newcomers to the Star Trek franchise. Before long, the ship is held hostage by an infected navigator, posing great danger to everyone aboard.

Trek fan Sat, Sep 16,5: Things are getting frantic on the bridge. Beautiful naked women pics. The original plan was for this episode to lead directly into Tomorrow is Yesterdaybut scheduling didn't work out.

Captain, I believe we've have the answer to what happened over there. I think part of the problem is that it wasted a lot of time on stuff we shouldn't really care about. Likely a good example of the low costume budget. After Scotty makes his remarks to Spockhe raises his phaser. The Enterprise has arrived at the ice planet Psi to document its impending collapse. It is much clearer to me that Kirk and Spock's relationship is firmly bound in their willingness to make enormous personal sacrifice in order to serve their ideals.

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Kirk's essential loneliness and concomitant relationship with his ship goes some way to explaining his regular dalliances that allow him some closeness, however fleeting, to the numerous available females that cross his path. John Fri, Feb 26,7: You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. He develops a serum to reverse the effects, administering the initial doses to the command crew to allow them to bring the ship back under control.

It really emphasized how much he was trying to keep control, even when he was failing to.

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